BlueQQ 净水杯 700毫升




The Cartridge Stick can be put into any kind of bottle 700ML above, any design you like. You can even put the cartridge into your home water jar.
1200 Refills per cartridge, and you can use as long as a year!



 Inspection Certificate:

* U.S FDA (U.S Food and Drug Administration) Guideline test
* KEWWI (Korea Environment & Water Works Institute) Drinking Water Quality Test
* Japan FDA (Minisitry pf Health and Welfare) Test
* KFIA (Korea Far Infrared Association) Anion & Far Infarared Ray Emission Test
* KOTRIC (Korea Testing & Research Institute for Chemical Industry) Catridge Avirulent Test
* FITI (FITI Testing and Research Institute) Antibacterial Test






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